Samstag, 13. September 2014

Day1: 708 km road trip

6:02 - km: 241.861 - music: ALT-J: started the lady's engine
7:50 - km: 242.037 - music: if they ask tell them we're dead: 
09:30 - km: 242.179 - music: Django Django:
Coffee & cake; why does that coffee cost more than the cake, but as I peed to get that coffee it doesn't matter (3 coupons)
11:15 - km: 242.213 - no music as spotify didn't work
Very short visit to Burgdorf
12:30 - km: 242.398 - mixed CD
A part of the exhaust point's down to the ground at Montreux. Threw it into the next dustbin 

14:15 - km: 242.487 - mixed CD no 2
Reached the peak of Grand St. Bernardino with this great,
nearly 19 year old van! (It has the sound of Italian sports cars now, with the missing end of the exhaust)
17:15 - km: 242.569 - music: Love A
Grande Paradiso National Park, they were absolutely right when they named it like that!!! Got me a map for tomorrow. Will stay here another night. Won't think about the picture of a wolf like creature that I've seen at the reception. Right now it's really cold and I managed to kill the camps fuse with my heating... So I'll get me some sleep

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