Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

I just don't spend enough time with my #pi

I can't even remember some scripts that I've written just a few weeks or month ago... Have to add emailing and review some functions in the main tinkertable software soon. And also I should write some blogposts about what I've done so far.

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

Unfassbares Unglück: mein geliebtes #Fahrrad gestohlen #FFM

Die Arschlöcher haben mir gestern Nacht mein Rad gestohlen! Seit April 2011 hat es zuverlässig den Nachtbus ersetzt, nur einmal ist die Kette gerissen, einmal die Achse gebrochen. Man hatte das Hinterrad verbogen, den Sattel abgerissen... aber nix konnte es aufhalten und jetzt ist es weg.

Wir waren zusammen in Prag, Dresden, Wroclaw, Tarragona, Barcelona, in der Camargue, an der Nordsee und Ostsee, in Leipzig und überall in Frankfurt. Haben Bier auf dem Gepäckträger und Damen auf der Stange transportiert, waren feiern und cruisen...

Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

Last Camp

The weather is great! So I decided to pack my bike and go camping. I think it is the last chance for the month to come. Funny thing was that two friends decided to take their bikes in the same direction so that we finally met on the way and had dinner together. 

Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Evening Project: Recycled French Lamp

A few weeks ago, when I was in France I got me a nice lamp that I planned to refurbish. As any old lamp a conventional bulb should fit in, maybe a spotlight or something alike:

But the plan was to make it less power consuming and change the look a bit.
Step one: taking things apart:

Step two: get a light socket, a LED bulb-thingy and find a small tube. I did cut some centimeters from an stick of an umbrella that once up on a time broke in the heavy stormy rains of Hamburg. It was raining like hell and in search of a warm and comfy place (preferably a pub with good beer) that damned umbrella lost it's strength and broke....
You'll also need a power source for the LEDs, some cable and a switch and a plug. 

 The LED socket is clamped into the tube that I then hot glued into the lamps plastic thingy where once was the original lamp socket was screwed into:

LED power source, swich...

Everything put together: the lamp did cost me 1,50 €, the led light source 3,99€, the socket was 2,50€ and the power source something like 12€, the rest of the parts I had lying around and can be considered as recycling :D