Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

Tonight - Tatort Frankfurt

I'm really really curious to hear the music ...
Here's the link to the website: tatort

Besetzung und Stab

Frank SteierJoachim Król
Conny MeyNina Kunzendorf
Erik SeidelPeter Kurth
ChefGerd Wameling
Markus FörsterUwe Bohm
RitaLisa Wagner
Holger "MOG"Marc Bischoff
Kurt EggersMartin Kiefer
ZahmiaJale Arikan
Christian RusnakDavid Scheller
Dr. LotzStephanie Eidt
FunktionsbereichName des Stabmitglieds
Regie:Stefan Kornatz
FunktionsbereichName des Stabmitglieds
Buch:Lars Kraume
FunktionsbereichName des Stabmitglieds
Kamera:Armin Alker
FunktionsbereichName des Stabmitglieds
Musik:Stefan Will und Marco Dreckkötter

To be fixed

Got to replace it I think

Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

No entry to unauthorized persons

Was this in Rostock or Wismar?

Found something like a series of pictures in my analogue file showing used buildings, turning their insides out, giving up privacy and showing the unvarnished leftovers of life

Somewhere in Stralsund I think or was it Rostock?

Island of Poel (DianaMini)

I think this was Rostock

his one I shot in Frankfurt with my Recesky Twin Lens Reflex











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Antoni Gaudí i Cornet's Birthday for the 161st time...

Happy Birthday Mr. Gaudi - some pictures of the Sagrada Familia I took last year: Barcelona_2012

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

There was a lake to be visited

A sunny sunday forced us onto our bikes, through the woods and into the water!
The Walldorfer Badesee has an average depth of 5,05 meters and would let you sink down to it's deepest point (marked red in the image) at 14 meters if there wasn't the baywatch-like team rescuing every person in need of help.

Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

concert at Hafen2

You should listen to their first album if you don't know them already. They gave a great concert on friday at the newly opened Hafen2

Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Life long learning

Lesson learned today: if they say the bike path is flooded, then there really really is high water.
Remember the wet shoes one gets :)