Dienstag, 30. September 2014

3.295 km France and a little Italy and Switzerland ... and now blue carpet again

two weeks are not enough even to reach the Atlantic - but every kilometer I made was worth it's centimeters and it payed out more than it's millimeters

Freitag, 26. September 2014

And then again mountains ... sea...

Cevennes: hiking and biking

Carcassonne: watching and eating

Sète: walking and burning

Sonntag, 21. September 2014

Oops ...

What should I say...I bought something ...

So they have snakes here

Took the bike around Étang de Vaccarès Réserve Nationale Camargue. 70 kilometers plus getting to the best beach here to take a swim right on the way: sums up to 85 km at the end. 

Have seen bulls and horses and flamingos and a turtle (all that alive) and what once seemed to be a snake (not alive at all). Plus: there was a shrimp on the road - not alive, but it's colour said that it never has been cooked. Don't know if it counts in here too.

As everyday here in France this is the best day ever... Don't know how that can be, but it feels like that. My bike instead had the worst day ever since there is so much sand everywhere on it (gears and all)

Samstag, 20. September 2014

#plastic ocean offers new opportunities for my vacation

Collecting plastic grains at the beach near Marseille. I really like those green ones. Even more fun than collecting the stuff I used to search for as a child at the beach, 'cause the plastic is easier to find here.

Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

They produced some clouds

There is one big factory to produce all the clouds for the country at the river Rhône. And they did well yesterday. 

Montag, 15. September 2014

France now

Took the wrong road and drove through Mont Blanc: don't do that! It's much to expensive! Next I filled up my beer tanks and wondered about French beer bottles and coke cans. As I didn't plan to reach anything (that was an advise off the slow travel book I read last autumn) I just drove into the direction of a lake which showed itself as green and quiet place. I think I'll stay another night. (Km: 242.850) the thing about this slow traveling stuff is, that if you're not quiet sure where to stay for the night you might get nervous, at least I do! Second disadvantage: you might find a nice place but when you realize that you're running out of tobacco...

Samstag, 13. September 2014

Day1: 708 km road trip

6:02 - km: 241.861 - music: ALT-J: started the lady's engine
7:50 - km: 242.037 - music: if they ask tell them we're dead: 
09:30 - km: 242.179 - music: Django Django:
Coffee & cake; why does that coffee cost more than the cake, but as I peed to get that coffee it doesn't matter (3 coupons)
11:15 - km: 242.213 - no music as spotify didn't work
Very short visit to Burgdorf
12:30 - km: 242.398 - mixed CD
A part of the exhaust point's down to the ground at Montreux. Threw it into the next dustbin 

14:15 - km: 242.487 - mixed CD no 2
Reached the peak of Grand St. Bernardino with this great,
nearly 19 year old van! (It has the sound of Italian sports cars now, with the missing end of the exhaust)
17:15 - km: 242.569 - music: Love A
Grande Paradiso National Park, they were absolutely right when they named it like that!!! Got me a map for tomorrow. Will stay here another night. Won't think about the picture of a wolf like creature that I've seen at the reception. Right now it's really cold and I managed to kill the camps fuse with my heating... So I'll get me some sleep

Mittwoch, 10. September 2014


They've started to sell Christmas stuff at the supermarket so I start roasting marshmallows. It's not really a Christmas tradition for me, but my brother an I did it for some years in my mom's tile stove ...

Montag, 1. September 2014

Museumsuferfest - results (and Kerb Gronau)

One thing that I really like here in Frankfurt are the street parties: this weekend the Museumsuferfest's results are:
 1 Korean Kimchi pancake
 1 German Beer
 1 German Bread out of a wood-burning oven
 1 Idian Naan-Sandwich 1 Chilean Empanada
 1 Plate of Bangali Samosa 1 Finnish Beer
 1 Plate of German "Reibekuchen"

On Saturday I had the chance to be a witness at a party of native people :) here in the south of Hesse. Gronauer Kerb! Unfortunately there was only Curry-Wurst Pommes Mayo and some beer on the culinary side but lot's of fun on the cultural side....  (dancing on tables seems to be common here, even before midnight)

 A second video I took using Hyperlapse: