Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

Concert: Turbostaat

Dear reader, what should I say...

6 month after giving a concert in Wiesbaden Turbostaat are back in Frankfurt with their double concert today and tomorrow.

So it was Turbostaat that made my day ... :P

Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Also my favorite bridge here

Found this video at, one of my favourite sources for all things Frankfurt. Next time I'll consider climbing that bridge instead of walking up the stairs ...

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

Concert: PS I Love You supported by The Rural Alberta Advantage

I didn't know The Rural Alberta Advantage at all until I realized that they were supported by PS I Love You on their tour. And as I wanted to go to PS I Love You anyways I gave them a chance and Paul Banwatt really did his job as drummer of that band, taking the audience with them.
Speaking of Pauls here: Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson are PS I Love You and for me they were supported by The RAA. Saulnier's guitar and voice together with Nelsons drums...!


Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014

Concert: Jaga Jazzist

Three years ago I've been at a concert of Jaga Jazzist with one girl I met at the couch surfing meeting. I loved the sound, bought the CD, took the music with me on my trip to Prague. It became part of a change in my live... So it was no question to go to the concert at Hafen2 last night. Lot's of old songs, some new ones... Nice light things on the stage (I wondered if these used arduinos to control the LEDs)

Mittwoch, 26. November 2014

Concert: Ben Howard

Good to have friends who know about concerts worth going to. 
After hesitating in the first place I am happy for having had such a great evening! 

Sonntag, 23. November 2014

Nice Workbench-Project

Just found this inspiring workbench video and wonder if some of those features could be integrated into my tinkerTable project.

Mittwoch, 19. November 2014

So there was this woman

She asked me how she would get to the main station to find her train:
Me: You should take the SBahn...
Woman: No, no I just need to take the train..
Me: That's kind of a train...
Woman: No tram, listen: my German is not that good I need to go to the main station.
Me: Yes, sure. It's that direction (pointing in the direction where the main station would be visible if it wasn't three kilometers away)
Woman: No that's the south station. I need to walk to the main station to get my train. No tram. My German is not that good...
Me: Yep, the south station is something like over there and the main station is somewhere over ...
Woman: That's the south station not the main station
Me thinking; weirdo but saying: listen, the SBahn is right behind the corner and takes you to...
Woman: No tram, I have to take the train. Main station ... It's in that direction (pointing into the opposite direction of the main station)
Me thinking: what the fuck. Saying: No there's no station at all in that direction. The main station is...
Woman: No that's the south station. The main station is over there... Only the train no Tram ...
Me thinking: why does someone ask how to get somewhere only to not believe you? Saying: you can walk to..
Woman: That's the south...
Me: No it is not! It's...
Woman: No Tram!!! The main station is over there!!! (Nearly shouting now)
Me: No, there is no...
Woman: pfff The main station is over there... 
She turned around and left to the east. Where she might one day find a main station, maybe it's Offenbach 

Dienstag, 18. November 2014

Concert: Die Nerven

If you can, take the chance to visit one of their upcoming concerts...

Mi 19.11.2014 Marburg (Café Trauma)
Do 20.11.2014 Jena (Kassablanca)
Fr 21.11.2014 Halle (Reilstraße)
Sa 22.11.2014 Dresden (Chemiefabrik)
Mo 24.11.2014 Rostock (Stadtpalast)
Di 25.11.2014 Kiel (Pumpe)
Mi 26.11.2014 Osnabrück (Kleine Freiheit)
Do 27.11.2014 Köln (Gebäude 9)
Fr 28.11.2014 Bonn (Bla)
Sa 29.11.2014 Heidelberg (Häll)

Freitag, 14. November 2014

Concert: Makthaverskan

Sorry for everyone who missed Makthaverskan @Hafen2 in Offenbach. 
Makthaverskan gave a short but really good concert for only a few people - I think they played one song for each of us in the house. When else does the singer say goodbye to you personally when you unlock your bike after the show.

Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

Concert: Blaudzun at Hafen 2

Lots of instruments and even one ukulele (played unplugged in the middle of the audience)! So it's no question that I loved it. The stage crew guy had to take and bring guitars even in the middle of the songs, Band members changed their instruments all the time and Blaudzun put on his songs for the people...was worth the rainy bike ride to Offenbach

Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Saturday project: EBook sleeve

So I've got an old ebook reader now (thank you Mr. F.) and what I needed was a strong and protective sleeve for it. 

Materials: some cloth (felt), some velcro and a sheet of metal (in this case it was part of a laptop inner casing). I've put the metal sheet between the outer grey felt and the green felt to protect the display when the reader is in my bag.

As working with the sewing machine needed all my concentration, I forgot to take some pictures.
In the first step after cutting all pieces, I sewed the top of the green felt and the front piece of the sleeve together.

Then the velcro was put and placed and sewn to the backside and frontside of the sleve.
On the pictures everything's sewn together, but that step was actually the last one: sew the three sides together and put the metal protection sheet between the green and grey front parts of the sleeve. You've got your brand new self-made ebook sleeve!

As I had some felt left, I made a little sleeve for my phone too.

Montag, 3. November 2014

Bike Check and first ride to visit friends in OF

Just came home from my first test of my new old red Supersport bike. Spent all day in the kitchen to check the bike
and it's gears and everything. The saddle should be a bit higher but the post is to short so I'll have to find another one. Gears are working almost fine but could be better. Lights work fine, breaks are better than the ones on the green bike and it rolls smooth and quiet through the night. So far it was a good buy... But still missing my old bike.

Samstag, 1. November 2014

Will this be love too?

Some work to do with my new red Slalom Supersport. I like the look but have to work on the 'feel'. They don't match yet. Less rusty than my stolen green Pegasus, hopefully better brakes...  Can't wait to work on it! 

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

I just don't spend enough time with my #pi

I can't even remember some scripts that I've written just a few weeks or month ago... Have to add emailing and review some functions in the main tinkertable software soon. And also I should write some blogposts about what I've done so far.

Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

Unfassbares Unglück: mein geliebtes #Fahrrad gestohlen #FFM

Die Arschlöcher haben mir gestern Nacht mein Rad gestohlen! Seit April 2011 hat es zuverlässig den Nachtbus ersetzt, nur einmal ist die Kette gerissen, einmal die Achse gebrochen. Man hatte das Hinterrad verbogen, den Sattel abgerissen... aber nix konnte es aufhalten und jetzt ist es weg.

Wir waren zusammen in Prag, Dresden, Wroclaw, Tarragona, Barcelona, in der Camargue, an der Nordsee und Ostsee, in Leipzig und überall in Frankfurt. Haben Bier auf dem Gepäckträger und Damen auf der Stange transportiert, waren feiern und cruisen...

Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

Last Camp

The weather is great! So I decided to pack my bike and go camping. I think it is the last chance for the month to come. Funny thing was that two friends decided to take their bikes in the same direction so that we finally met on the way and had dinner together. 

Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Evening Project: Recycled French Lamp

A few weeks ago, when I was in France I got me a nice lamp that I planned to refurbish. As any old lamp a conventional bulb should fit in, maybe a spotlight or something alike:

But the plan was to make it less power consuming and change the look a bit.
Step one: taking things apart:

Step two: get a light socket, a LED bulb-thingy and find a small tube. I did cut some centimeters from an stick of an umbrella that once up on a time broke in the heavy stormy rains of Hamburg. It was raining like hell and in search of a warm and comfy place (preferably a pub with good beer) that damned umbrella lost it's strength and broke....
You'll also need a power source for the LEDs, some cable and a switch and a plug. 

 The LED socket is clamped into the tube that I then hot glued into the lamps plastic thingy where once was the original lamp socket was screwed into:

LED power source, swich...

Everything put together: the lamp did cost me 1,50 €, the led light source 3,99€, the socket was 2,50€ and the power source something like 12€, the rest of the parts I had lying around and can be considered as recycling :D

Dienstag, 30. September 2014

3.295 km France and a little Italy and Switzerland ... and now blue carpet again

two weeks are not enough even to reach the Atlantic - but every kilometer I made was worth it's centimeters and it payed out more than it's millimeters

Freitag, 26. September 2014

Sonntag, 21. September 2014

Oops ...

What should I say...I bought something ...

So they have snakes here

Took the bike around Étang de Vaccarès Réserve Nationale Camargue. 70 kilometers plus getting to the best beach here to take a swim right on the way: sums up to 85 km at the end. 

Have seen bulls and horses and flamingos and a turtle (all that alive) and what once seemed to be a snake (not alive at all). Plus: there was a shrimp on the road - not alive, but it's colour said that it never has been cooked. Don't know if it counts in here too.

As everyday here in France this is the best day ever... Don't know how that can be, but it feels like that. My bike instead had the worst day ever since there is so much sand everywhere on it (gears and all)