Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

#Minsgame day 27 to 30... CDs... my limit as minimalist and values

Okay - there they go. I've never been a collector of music or something like that, but I'm really into music and when I'm at home usually some music is filling my house. CDs or songs and memories are deeply connected ... but only when you listen to that songs. Therefore I don't need them physically as cd as I've got them as mp3 and as I'm using streaming services.
My need is to listen to music - to satisfy this, I need some kind of device and a source of music. If I would be a real Minimalist, my cellphone would be enough to do so. But I'm not: I've got speakers in every room and I would never ever throw them out of here! There's a limit for me being a Minimalist.

What I've to think about is the value of these cds: my personal value, the value a second hand cd has for it's new user, the value that is lost for the band as no new cd is sold, the value that is earned for the band as I pay for streaming every song, the value of the recylable plastic as a resource, the value of resources that are free for other stuff as no new cd has to be produced.... wages in production...

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