Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

Weekend projects: Tinkertable and Bedroom

First Weekend: painting the Tinkertable grey: that had to be done because of the ugly "natural" look and scratches on it's plate. Also I changed the handles to stainless steel. 
That meant some work: taking the table apart, sanding all parts, filling the scratches, painting, waiting, sanding again, and second layer of paint and reassembling.

But: having a nice Tinkertable in your bedroom means you will most likely want to have a nice bedroom too. 
So I planned it, bought paint for the walls and furniture and started:
First day: sanding the wardrobe and bed. Painting the ceiling, painting wardrobe and bed.
Second day: sanding the furniture, then painting the walls and last step: finishing the bed and wardrobe.

And currently I'm working on the shelfs: there will be a workplace and all my treasures have to be stored in a way that fit's into the room...

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