Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Saturday project: EBook sleeve

So I've got an old ebook reader now (thank you Mr. F.) and what I needed was a strong and protective sleeve for it. 

Materials: some cloth (felt), some velcro and a sheet of metal (in this case it was part of a laptop inner casing). I've put the metal sheet between the outer grey felt and the green felt to protect the display when the reader is in my bag.

As working with the sewing machine needed all my concentration, I forgot to take some pictures.
In the first step after cutting all pieces, I sewed the top of the green felt and the front piece of the sleeve together.

Then the velcro was put and placed and sewn to the backside and frontside of the sleve.
On the pictures everything's sewn together, but that step was actually the last one: sew the three sides together and put the metal protection sheet between the green and grey front parts of the sleeve. You've got your brand new self-made ebook sleeve!

As I had some felt left, I made a little sleeve for my phone too.

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