Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Evening Project: Recycled French Lamp

A few weeks ago, when I was in France I got me a nice lamp that I planned to refurbish. As any old lamp a conventional bulb should fit in, maybe a spotlight or something alike:

But the plan was to make it less power consuming and change the look a bit.
Step one: taking things apart:

Step two: get a light socket, a LED bulb-thingy and find a small tube. I did cut some centimeters from an stick of an umbrella that once up on a time broke in the heavy stormy rains of Hamburg. It was raining like hell and in search of a warm and comfy place (preferably a pub with good beer) that damned umbrella lost it's strength and broke....
You'll also need a power source for the LEDs, some cable and a switch and a plug. 

 The LED socket is clamped into the tube that I then hot glued into the lamps plastic thingy where once was the original lamp socket was screwed into:

LED power source, swich...

Everything put together: the lamp did cost me 1,50 €, the led light source 3,99€, the socket was 2,50€ and the power source something like 12€, the rest of the parts I had lying around and can be considered as recycling :D

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