Donnerstag, 13. September 2012


After brekfast I took a swim as always. Second breakfast followed. Then I took the bus to the city, got me a banana- strawberry smoothie and some fish. On the way to the underground I fell in love with a girl passing by. Visited Sagrada Familia, had to wait for an hour to get onto one of the towers, wasn't allowed to smoke and fell in love with another girl sitting on a bench. The lift took me up the tower down I had to walk. After taking some pictures of this church-constructionsite I took the metro to the habour  where I fell in love with girl number three today. My coffee I took in a café called 'osterhase' which I only recognised on the 'cuentro' when I paid. At the busstop I fell in love with my travelling here.
(wow this one was really a long one... Need someone for texting here next time)

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