Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

38.224 lines of Music as txt

I like to listen to music and I like to track everything. That's why I now have 38.224 lines in a txt file representing the music I listened to over the last 22 month and it's also why most of my friends think I'm kind of weird.

Here's how:
The basic is Spotify as my streaming music service of choice. Spotify allows you to scrobble all the music you've listened to over to You'll find that somewhere in your spotify settings.
Now to collect all this data for myself, to play around with it and get happy, I needed my own list. Using an IFTTT recipe, everytime a new 'scrobble' was made at, a line was added to a google spreadsheet. Unfortunately google somehow added a new file every 2000 lines so that I decided today to tinker all those files into one txt file and to change the IFTTT recipe to dropbox (Here's the recipe). While I'm writing this, the recipe creates a second file in dropbox too...

Here's what:
Having all those lines of pure music data as a txt file, you can easily import it into your spreadsheed.
Using a little pivot table I found out that I've been listening to 2212 different artists, Alt-J at first place, followed by Turbostaat:

My most-played song over the last 22 month was All Opportunities by Solander.
I didn't even realize that It's On is a song of both Broncho and Pins:

What I double checked is this chart: it shows songs played per day. And there are days when I listened to more than 200 songs:

By hour of day:

Now I could cluster artists by hour... or day of week ... or I could go outside, enjoy the sun, have some coffee ...

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