Sonntag, 3. August 2014

From #MinsGame to flea market

Because of the #MinsGame in July I had lot's of stuff that was to good to be thrown away. That's why I had my first stall at a flea market with a friend today.
Here are the results: 28 customers bought 58 articles. That is 2,071428571 articles per customer. If all of the 496 Minsgame things should be sold that way, it would be hard work!
Most of my articles where cds and that's why nearly half of the stuff sold were cds. (Lots of likeable people and nice chats). Household articles like glasses and vases just don't work at all. Seems as if these are to cheap. Even when you sell 7 glasses for 1 € people ask for a better price. 
The best average price was reached in the article group "Other" as that's where a little shelf counts in that made up 40% of the earnings within that group. Second best group where my beloved CDs (Weezer sold best - with the third customer all my Weezer CDs were sold out!).
Useful things like household articles and plates and stuff are absolutely hard to sell. You have to be careful with discounts and rebates: they ruin your earnings as you tend to say to yourself "yeeehaaa 12  €...." ... And childrens eyes: they can pay at least one Euro - it's their parents money you get.

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