Freitag, 9. Mai 2014

What happened ...

What happened until now is this: I had to change plans because of a bad knee that didn't get better. So I decided not to take the train and bike through the netherlands back to cologne, but to take the van as I usually do. Without having a goal to reach, I hardly could decide to start the engine on Wednesday and was late when I passed the border. First good things were St.Pauli tobaco, which I found soon after I drove past a "Braunkohletagebau". Next day was rain! But I took a beautiful route avoiding highways passing throuh nice villages and (another highlight) found myself at the Rotterdam harbour where the air smelled of gasoline and  the wind was blowing me away. Then I did something I've never done before: me and my beloved van on a ferry. Duration: 5 minutes, happiness: 10. Next thing: a bridge  winded up to let a ship pass through - great! Still raining... Had to find a camping... Reached camping hell ... Booked two nights.... Took the bike... Lot's of rain... Raintrousers: leaked some water on the sides of the legs. Northface jacket: pockets filled up with water: mobile wet inside, cigarette papers wet, t-shirt wet at the front and arms, money, drivers license, kitti ahoi sticker... wet! Good thing was that I found the best pizza of the Netherlands and they asked me in as wet as I was! And today:  great! Sun and rain, The Hague, fritjes, sea, beach, dunes, storm, thunder, a beer called 'Hertog Jan'! And the mobile nearly works fine again!

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